Christ And Baha’u’llah

In The Tablet To The Christians,

Baha’u’llah, the Father, has said:THIS is an Epistle from Our
presence unto him whom the veils of names have failed to keep back from

O followers of the Son![1] Have ye shut out yourselves from Me by
reason of My Name?
Day and night ye have been calling upon your Lord,
the Omnipotent, but when He came from the heaven of eternity in His great glory,
ye turned aside from Him and remained sunk in heedlessness.
[1 Jesus.]

How numerous at this time are the monks who have secluded themselves in their
churches, calling upon the Spirit, but when He appeared through the power of
Truth, they failed to draw nigh unto Him and are numbered with those that have
gone far astray.

They read the Evangel and yet refuse to acknowledge the All-Glorious
, notwithstanding that He hath come through the potency of His
exalted, His mighty and gracious dominion. Fear God, O followers of the
Spirit, and walk not in the footsteps of every divine that hath gone far

Open the doors of your hearts. He Who is the Spirit verily standeth before
them. We, in truth, have opened unto you the gates of the Kingdom. Will
ye bar the doors of your houses in My face?

Lo! The Father is come, and that which ye were promised in the
Kingdom is fulfilled! This is the Word which the Son concealed, when to those
around Him He said: ‘Ye cannot bear it now

Beware, O followers of the Son, that ye cast it not behind your backs. Take
ye fast hold of it. Better is this for you than all that ye possess. Verily He
is nigh unto them that do good.

The Hour which We had concealed from the knowledge of the peoples of
the earth and of the favoured angels hath come to pass
. Say, verily, He
hath testified of Me, and I do testify of Him. Indeed, He hath purposed no one
other than Me. Unto this beareth witness every fair-minded and understanding

Verily, He Who is the Spirit of Truth is come to guide you unto all
. He speaketh not as prompted by His own self, but as bidden by
Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

This is the One Who hath glorified the Son and hath exalted His

Baha’u’llah, the father has said: O concourse of priests! Leave the
bells, and come forth, then, from your churches
. It behoveth you, in
this day, to proclaim aloud the Most Great Name among the nations.

Prefer ye to be silent, whilst every stone and every tree shouteth
aloud: ‘The Lord is come in His great glory
!’? Well is it with the man
who hasteneth unto Him. Verily, he is numbered among them whose names will be
eternally recorded and who will be mentioned by the Concourse on High.

Baha’u’llah, the Father has said: We have summoned all created things
to attain the presence of thy Lord, the King of all names

Tell Me then: Do the sons recognize the Father, and acknowledge
, or do they deny Him, even as the people aforetime denied Him

We behold all created things moved to bear witness unto Us. Some
know Us and bear witness, while the majority bear witness, yet know Us

Blessed is the man who hath detached himself from all else but Me, hath
soared in the atmosphere of My love, hath gained admittance into My Kingdom,
gazed upon My realms of glory, quaffed the living waters of My bounty, hath
drunk his fill from the heavenly river of My loving providence, acquainted
himself with My Cause, apprehended that which I concealed within the treasury of
My Words, and hath shone forth from the horizon of divine knowledge engaged in
My praise and glorification. Verily, he is of Me. Upon him rest My mercy, My
loving-kindness, My bounty and My glory.

(Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah, p. 15)

Open the doors of your hearts. He Who is the Spirit verily standeth before
them. We, in truth, have opened unto you the gates of the Kingdom. Will
ye bar the doors of your houses in My face? (
Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah,  p. 5)

In Memory of Baha

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